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Career Cushioning: What is it and what does it mean for employees?

After the Great Resignation that began in 2021 and Quiet Quitting, the phenomenon that took off in 2022, a new trend is emerging among employees around the world this year-end.

After massive layoffs in the tech industry, such as those at Twitter and Meta, which have raised major concerns around the world, employees are becoming increasingly cautious about their job security.

Like quitting, career cushioning is not a new concept.

Specifically, this phenomenon shows employees’ concern about job security, playing out in the recent wave of layoffs started by major global tech giants.

In parallel, employees are starting to scan the market, to see what jobs would fit their experience and skills so that in the event of a sudden layoff they are prepared, have a somewhat softer fall, and are reassured that they have a plan B.

It’s basically a new way of dealing with the uncertainties of galloping price trends that could bring a new global recession.

Why are employees turning to career cushioning?

It’s natural and normal for people to have a backup plan in case they know they might lose their jobs, especially in this troubled economic climate.

Similar to quiet quitting, career cushioning is a kind of psychological pivot: it’s you before the job.

Are you thinking of changing your job in 2023?

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