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HR as a service, RPO

Talent Acquisition | Induction & Onboarding | Talent Management

Valuable Recruitment - providing HR Services that are customized to your needs, with a skilled team of professionals to help your organization succeed. 

Whether you are looking to recruit and hire your next team member, implement performance management through KPIs and OKRs, or draft company processes and policies that are in line with your digital first staff, we are here to assist you.

It's like having a professional HR manager on your team whenever you need!

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Employer Branding

Setting the brand tone and voice, creating compelling video, photo, and audio content to attract and engage targeted audience

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Learning and Development

Macro and micro learning, using cloud based solutions, powered by Virtual or Augmented Reality

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Crafting ideal recruit profile, job description and promotes the opening; head hunting outreach, screening, selecting and recruiting using technology and personality and competency testing, following Topgrading interview methodology to hire only top A Players

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Employee Experience

Creatively thinking of how best to serve your employees so they become your raving fans first, we celebrate them and carve out career opportunities for their growth.

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Induction & Onboarding

We look at your current processes, identify gaps and ways to improve, we draft processes that are streamlined and efficient, engaging, and error-free.

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Engagement & Performance

We set out company-wide strategic objectives with you, and work with your employees to align them to their own KPIs and OKRs

What Clients Say

"Mihai worked with us for a little over one year, and his contribution to our recruitment department was really impressive. Mihai was also very responsive and flexible with his communication, via emails, asana, slack, etc. As a Lead Recruiter he was involved in building our department to what it is now, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an experienced HR Business Partner."
- SellerPlex, an ecommerce company

HR as a service

What it means for you

We take full ownership of the whole HR process, from the time you decide to hire, determine and define the role, to recruit, bring onboard, train, coach, and monitor performance.

Our processes are data-driven and people-centric, custom-developed for your organization.

We draft and execute the journey map experience of your staff along with compensation & and benefits programs, recognition and rewards programs, aligning the skills to the business needs.
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Years of experience, different specialties and studies, our tech and use of data analysis, plus HR as a service differentiate us in our approach and output, yielding better proved results for our customers.

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